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ACFE Fraud Awereness Week Event 14 November 2017

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ACFE Belgium organized a half-day event in Brussels during the International Fraud Awareness Week 2017.

The event has been attended by more than 80 fraud professionals and covered various topics ranging from Ethics and Cybercrime to a panel discussion on Fraud Investigation Teams.

The presententions used during the event can be found below.

1. ACFE Fraud Awareness Week Event 14112017 Intro

2. Hugh Penri-Wiliams ACFE Belgium presentation HPW

3. Gertjan Groen Cyber

4. CEO Fraud – ACFE – 14112017_final

5. Patrick Risch – 2017 Fraud Investigations Teams benchmark

6 KS panel questions – 2017 Fraud Investigations Teams benchmark

7. Philip De Picker Awareness for ACFE